CDM Indonesia Trading Company: Indonesian bags and backpacks are in stock first-hand, looking for a dealer, we can send one piece on behalf of you!

CDM Indonesia Trading Company: Indonesian bags and backpacks are in stock first-hand, looking for a dealer, we can send one piece on behalf of you!

CDM Indonesia Trading Company Project Introduction:
 CDM pays for the shipment, and you contribute resources and efforts. Let's work together to build the supply chain of Indonesia's e-commerce platform.  In order to facilitate promotion, the first category mainly promotes bags and backpacks. This selection is based on the long-term cross-border data of CDM. The CDM platform directly connects with the source factories, and CDM directly supplies them to e-commerce sellers and wholesalers in Indonesia.  .

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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Indonesia

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Indonesia

Indonesia is located in southeastern Asia, across the equator, bordering Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia. It is the largest archipelagic country in the world. It consists of tens of thousands of islands. It is the largest archipelagic country in the world. Its territory spans Asia and Oceania. Also known as "the country of a thousand islands".

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What is a first-level case-involved card? Why did you receive a black hand?

What is a first-level case-involved card? Why did you receive a black hand?

C3, frozen card, non-cabinet, punishment, blacklist

Committed to the final transaction link of the blockchain

The most professional coin merchant assassin

The first-level card involved in the case is also called Yishouhei, which is a terrifying existence in the circle of coin dealers and speculators. As long as you come into contact with it once, your life will be rewritten.

As long as your bank card is frozen by the judiciary, there are only three types of upstream cases involved: telecom fraud cases, money laundering cases, and casino opening cases, and telecom fraud cases basically account for more than 95%.

The cases involving bank cards frozen by the competent authority are divided into first-level cases, second-level cases, third-level cases, and so on.

The first-level case involved, as the name suggests, is the situation where the victim (reporter) directly transfers money to your account.

The second-level involvement is equivalent to the stolen money flowing through an intermediate account before it reaches your account.

By analogy, we can know what it means to be involved in a case at level 3, level 4, and level 5.

Let's talk about the consequences first, as long as you have been blackmailed once in your life, then you will basically die socially.
Can't get a loan to buy a car or a house
Enter the penalty list for broken cards
Buying insurance funds will be strictly scrutinized
Major banks and financial institutions blacklisted
Persons involved in the case of two cards cannot leave the country and cannot apply for a passport
National key fraud-related personnel, go to the place of household registration to drink tea once every three months
An uncle from a different place came to press his head

Many people feel that they are far away from themselves. Under what circumstances would you encounter such a black hand?

Retail articles:

1. Small exchanges OTC out U
2. The currency merchants of large exchanges send Us in a non-real name, that is, the money they call you is not from the currency merchant’s own account.
3. Yibi pays U
4. On-board and off-site secured transactions
5. Cash withdrawal on various WD platforms.

Currency Merchant Articles:

6. Coin dealers sold U to fund managers, pyramid schemes, people with orders, and contracts. They would report to the police after losing or losing money.

Generally speaking, the public security judicial freeze will only freeze the cards involved in the case within level 6. Therefore, why so many people's bank cards are automatically released after 72 hours of judicial freezing, it is because their bank cards have no inflow of stolen money or are already involved in the card of level 6 or above.

For the first-level cards involved in the case, we need to attach great importance to it. Because the card owner involved in the case at the first level will be included in the system's involved list by the uncle at the first time. If it is not dealt with in time, other bank cards under the name will be linked and frozen, and new cards cannot be opened. Usually, the cards involved in the first-level cases mostly occur in behaviors such as running points, swiping orders, and selling cards. There are also individual foreign trade business transactions, but most of the circles in the circle receive the stolen money involved in the first-level cases during the process of virtual currency transactions.

And for the first-level cardholders involved in the case, all the stolen money received must be refunded, otherwise they will not be unfrozen for you, let alone the list of involved cases. Once the victim goes to the court to sue the first-level card owner, the possibility of winning the case is very high. Therefore, don’t always think that you have no profit, no violation of the law, why should you refund the money, and keep entangled in this, it will only make the unfreezing process more and more difficult.

Unless you can really prove that you have not committed a crime, like an assassin who received funds from an old woman in an exchange, the old woman went to participate in pyramid schemes and was cheated, and the police said that the money was sent to the assassin, so I did not refund the money. And the card was unfrozen, but I was included in the two-card personnel list. I have appealed for 2 years.

As for our most common online gambling being frozen by the judiciary, it is usually a second- or third-level case. The case involved in this situation should be dealt with in a timely manner, and there is no need for a full refund. There is a set of formulas for how much and how to refund, which mainly depends on the level of your involvement, but most people will not operate, so according to It is most convenient to refund the amount directly.

So the assassin tells you not to sell your digital assets indiscriminately. Even if you sell it at a high price, you will have to refund the compensation after the accident, which means that you lost the principal for such a small profit.

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2023 List of Suppliers of Chinese Enterprises in the Indonesian Market

2023 List of Suppliers of Chinese Enterprises in the Indonesian Market

Indonesian business registration, visa processing, various licenses, industrial park projects (land sales), fertilizer plant investment, iron sand mine projects, real estate, investment development, franchising, asset management, logistics and trade, etc.  Contact: Fang Fang Tel: +62 082211022088 Email:

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